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  • Labels : Trapez, Great Stuff Recorings, A'F'U' Limited
  • Website : http://www'alex-long'com
  • Booking : office@eam.agency
    • Ten - 10 Essential Tunes, Vol. 8
      Daniele Dovico, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, M.in, Gunman, Armitage, Denis Ago, Mario Franca, Luigi Gori, Larsun Hesh, Domenico Mastandrea, Nico Cabeza, Dany Cohiba, Jaceo, Sonny Wharton, Francesco Parente
      Tech House
      RACOMP140D | Re:vibe Audio | 2018-06-18
    • Nothing But... House Music Essentials, Vol. 06
      Aldo Hertz, Bronx Cheer, Malino, MalcoHol, Marco Bocatto, Vivek, Clameres, Adrian Moya, Filthy DJs, Max Telaer, Claude F, Ed Nine, Papiyon, Cardillo DJ, Himade, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Ray Okpara, Haji & Emanuel, Rilak, Brad Hill, Prequel, Uncle Dog, Damon Hess, Mr. Wright, Andy Craig, Motion, Cailum Staats, Tim Nice, Marco Bedini, David Penn, Davide Sonten, Micfreak, Sebb Junior
      Tech House, Deep House, House
      NBHME006 | Nothing But | 2018-03-02
    • Play My Song EP
      Alex Long, Stanny Abram
      Tech House
      MRB140 | Marba Records | 2017-12-08
    • Techno Icons 2
      Mr. Bizz, Robert Solheim, Remy Maurin, Pierre Delort, Alex Mine, Romano Alfieri, Luca Bear, D-Deck, Cameron Thias, Alberto Ruiz, Dino Maggiorana, Maksim Dark, Jaumetic, Citizen Kain, Breger, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Junk Deluxe, Christian Cambas, Timo Garcia, Tyler Rouse, Vikthor, Monstergetdown, Broken Spires, Rise And Fall, Buck, Maniac Lover, Arsec Sagittarii, Samuel Wallner, Pig&Dan, Swayzak, The Hacker, Maksim Dark, Breger, Alex Sander, Emmanuel, Giovanni Carozza, Koschk, Anjei Blecher
      CLEPSYDRA042 | Clepsydra | 2017-12-08
    • RH2 Gold Series Vol. 12
      Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Strobe, Lazn, Marc Vedo, Lissat & Voltaxx, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, DjaimZ, Chaka & Marty, MINDSKAP, Angel De Frutos, Lyrikal, Danilo De Santo, Ali Sural, Toni Alvarez
      RH2COMP182 | RH2 | 2017-06-03
    • From The Speakers Vol. 25
      Vozmediano, Marc Vedo, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, MINDSKAP, Angel De Frutos, Lyrikal, Strobe, Lazn, Dema, Iron Mike, Luis Sastre, Danilo De Santo, DjaimZ, Gabriel West, Carabetta & Doons, Ariano Kina, MAFF.U, Night Movers, MidKnightz, Gordan Starr, Acid Kit, Dirty Secretz, Marc Alvarez, Mark Pompeo
      RH2COMP166 | RH2 | 2017-05-20
    • Club Session Pres. High 5
      Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Cristian Lex, Ali Sural, Will Gold, MC Flipside
      CSCOMP1297 | Club Session | 2017-01-07
    • Technolicious #18
      Dave Mc Goff, Jonno Brien, Laut & Launisch, AJ Battuta, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Richard Grey, Tom Wax, Matthew Kramer, DJ Dag, BoomBeatz IT, David Hopper, Lucca, Swen Baez, La TaYa, Unsaved6, Svareth, Miguel Alcobia, Danny Noble, Antonio Andrea
      RH2COMP31 | RH2 | 2016-12-17
    • Abyss Records - The Catalogue
      Adam Craft, Christian Fischer, Alex Long, Tim Track, Dirtyworx, Ron El, Sidechained, Drumcomplex, Ortin Cam, Chemical Soldiers, Dejan Milicevic, Pierre J, Petter B, Enrico Sangiuliano, Hertz, Ozgur Can, Pierre J
      ABYSS025 | Abyss Records | 2016-12-10
    • Confronted Part 34
      The Funkaholic, Ayaba, Bimas, AudioHell, Collective Machine, Captain Knuckles, Luca M, JUST2, Alex Rise, Electronic Youth, G Sparks, Right On, Tini Garcia, Horatio, Larisse Van Doorn, Stefano Noferini, Sasch BBC, Caspar, Masterdub, Fabio Florido, Tarter, Rodri Vegas, Alex Long, Stanny Abram, Gellert, Paco Maroto, Stefano Noferini, Megan
      Techno, Tech House
      RTCOMP953 | Variety Music | 2016-11-25
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    development, Alex Long was already making his mark in his hometown, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Being a DJ first and producer later on, the first results of his work slowly began to show when the very first published work of Alex Long, released on Abyss records in 2005, found its way to famous Fabric 22 compilation selected and mixed by Adam Beyer himself. While on the same compilation we find tracks by Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Dominik Eulberg, Hertz, Cari Lekebusch and Slam, Alex recieved the confirmation and confidence to continue his works. Backed up with his previous release, new releases and appearances were on their way. Alex attracted attention from Slovenia’s best known techno artist, Umek, who often advised and guided him through the world of music production. Alex soon recieved the invitation to join Umek and play with him on biggest local electronic music events. Alex’s production skills were awarded in 2007 when he won the award for the best track at DiscoNautica 2007 festival. At that time, DiscoNautica was the biggest Slovenian open-air festival that attracted over 50.000 people. In days that followed, Alex received another recognition by Umek, when he was invited to famous “1605 – The young blood of the tribe” tour.

    In the next few years Alex released some of his most famous works so far, on various labels, such as Umek`s 1605, Thomas P. Heckmann`s A.F.U. and A.F.U. Limited, Sidechain Records, Tapaz, Vice Versa and others. He recieved astonishing feedbacks and his work was constantly in playlists by Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Sebastien Leger, Nick Warren, Christian Varela, Stephan Bodzin, Mistress Barbara, Umek, Richie Hawtin, Terry Francis and others. Meanwhile, Alex got another recognition by world famous band from Slovenia, Laibach, when his remix of Laibach – Contrapunctus VII (Laibachkunstderfuge) was selected as official outro song and played on each concert of Laibach band World tour in 2009.

    Lately, Alex found new inspiration and teamed up with Stanny Abram, they signed for giants as Great Stuff recordings and Trapez records. Besides music production, Alex dedicates most of his time to Etia Creations label and their events residency in club K4, Ljubljana.