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  • Labels : Timid Records, Missive Music, Etia Creations
  • Website : http://www'facebook'com/arnogonzalezmusic
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/arnogonzalez/
  • Mixcloud : https://www'mixcloud'com/arnogonzalez/
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • OBENDEEPTECH, Vol. 2.
      The Note V, THe WHite SHadow (FR), Riamiwo, Timo Veranta, Adrinalin, Koett, Elias (GER), Aree, Opposite Ways, &lez, Arno Gonzalez
      Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
      OM021 | Obenmusik | 2018-10-12
    • Endless Roads Vol. II
      Van Did, Poe (CA), Matt Dwellers, Deepfunk, Teho, F.e.m, Rafa Pineda, Maudite Machine, GROJ, PHM, Minorah, Massif, Reig (FR), Arno Gonzalez, Lefrenk, Dunmore Park, Micrologue, Aparde, Sebastian Boldt, Applescal
      Progressive House, Deep House, Techno, Electronica / Downtempo
      GRRR019 | Grrreat Recordings | 2017-12-05
    • River (Arno Gonzalez Remix)
      Arno Gonzalez, Després
      Electronica / Downtempo
      D001 | Despres | 2017-10-06
    • Southern Alliance
      DKEM, Arno Gonzalez, Damien Etienne
      QPS006 | QUBIQ Platinium Series | 2016-06-06
    • Malimba
      Luca Lento, Horatio, Marcelo Cura, Arno Gonzalez
      Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno
      NR165 | Natural Rhythm | 2016-03-15
    • A Night in Paris
      Island Kizhi, Fhin, Turzi, Viken Arman, JOY!, Alexander Remus, Dacover, Lois Plugged, Fruckie, Francois Ier, Folamour, Cosmonection, Umeme Afrorave, Electric Rescue, The Driver, Ujo, Ange Siddhar, Illan Nicciani, K.A.M.A., Arno Gonzalez, Lorenzo Lacchesi, Maarius, Polo & Pan, Animal & Me, Fils Unique, Mawimbi, Traumer, Marcelo Cura, Timid Boy
      Electronica / Downtempo, House, Deep House, Techno, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Breaks
      BLV2222311 | Kuroneko | 2016-02-12
    • The Delivery Boy
      Arno Gonzalez, Camille Rodriguez, Timid Boy
      Electronica / Downtempo, Techno, House, Tech House
      TIMID52 | Timid Records | 2015-10-05
    • Give Love Back
      Shoxy, Arno Gonzalez
      Tech House, House
      ETIA001 | Etia Creations | 2015-06-10
    • Vias
      Arno Gonzalez, Van Did
      Techno, Deep House
      SB060 | Sudbeat Music | 2014-12-08
    • One Night With Wagner EP
      Camille Rodriguez, Traumer, Arno Gonzalez, Eggo, Georges Guelters
      TIMIDUNREAL047 | Timid Records | 2014-03-03
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    Arno Gonzalez started learning music at a very young age. Indeed, during many years, his uncle and then his parents were club owners. That does not mean however that he wanted to replace the family-business DJ’s. Mainstream music is not his cup of tea. He would have to wait a few years before discovering his older brother’s vinyl collection and, at the same time, being offered a residency at « L’Esperanza », a bar that had just opened in Angers. We were in 1998 back then and he had just turned 18. His career kicked off discretely, nonetheless, his uncompromising selection based on rock, hip-hop, deep-house or techno gathered a small audience of music lovers. In the 3 years to come he began learning computer music, grew a passion for electronic music, improved his DJ skills and graduated. When he came back to France, after a 3-month break in the USA, his decision was made: he would devote his life to music…
    15 years later, Arno is one of these artists that can gather a crowd while being uncompromising in the music they play, embarking us onto a journey both hypnotic and surprising, fierce and groovy as his many performances around the world can show: from Russia to Germany, including Rave On snow (Austria), Astropolis (Brest, France), le Rex Club (Paris), Panoramas (Morlaix, France), Le Nouveau Casino (Paris) le Piknic Electronik (Montreal), SXSW Festival (Austin), o SEEME (Bulgaria)… Delivering a modern techno, without nonetheless renouncing to the house sound of the origins, while at times, adventuring into melodic realms close to electronica, the artist was first spotted by Parisian label Missive. He is now a key figure of French label Timid Records, on which he released « Encounters », his first album, along with countless EPs and remixes. Arno also contributed to the boom of the electronic scene in the West side of France. A true activist, passionate and talented curator, his « Modern » parties, where he has been sharing the decks with artists such as Carl Craig, Rone, Nathan Fake, Agoria, Electric Rescue, Ben Klock, Mathew Jonson grand-master Laurent Garnier have made thousands happy. Incidentally, he even managed to show Hanes Stöhr’s « Berlin Calling » while inviting its main actor, Paul Kalkbrenner, to perform on stage at the Chabada, during the closing party of Angers’ Premiers Plans film festival. No-one had previously heard of that movie that would become an instant club-culture classic upon its release a few months later. Together with his business partners, Florian Champion and Dirty Frenchy, he keeps on organizing many events in the West of France: « Domingo » (Bar du Quai, Péniche, Astropolis), daylight events that became unmissable, "Confessions" at K9 (a club located in a former church - Angers), of course "Modern" (Chabada, Carré - Angers, L’ Escalier - St Malo, L’ Altercafé - Nantes,…). He also played a key role in organizing two editions of Montreal’s « Piknic Electronik », in Angers, with the support of both, Chabada and city of Angers.

    His experience with international artists have inspired him to produce and remix in the studio and to deliver on stage unforgettable and atypical DJ sets and live acts. After many EPs, he released his first album, the well-named « Encounters » in October 2011. It is indeed in the course of his various encounters that the Angers-based artist forged his so singular vision of music, between old-time techno culture and the gems of tomorrow. This album was a way to explore more personal feelings on tracks (Back Home, The Mellow Inside, Piloulin) while being an ideal playground for collaborations with guest artists joining the project: TEPR (Yelle, Abstract Keal Agram,..), Jonas Sella (Télégraph, Multivitamin, Timid), Thomas Sari (Missive, Timid, Polar), Elysse (Timid), OR'L (Timid), Georges Guelters (Timid). That would be for him as well the opportunity to experiment as part of an artist-in-residence program at Chabada, an audio/visual live performance with Rennes-born video-plastician Scouap that would be performed among others at the Astropolis festival or on the magical site of the Fontevraud abbey. Recently, his latest EP with Canadian Van Did on SudBeat, (Herman Cattaneo’s label - Argentina), his remixes for dub band Zenzile (Yotanka), Joris Delacroix (Timid Records) or Shoxy (Etia Creation - Slovenia) made a strong impression and paved the way for his new album project « The Delivery Boy », expected for September 2015 on Timid Records. A new and more personal album, recorded with no featuring that, we hope, will be once again on the decks of artists such as Laurent Garnier or Richie Hawtin…

    Festivals, Clubs, Concert halls: Astropolis (Brest) - Panoramas (Morlaix) - Chabada (Angers) - Cargo (Caen) - Confort Moderne (Poitiers) - Rex Club (Paris) - Nouveau Casino (Paris) - Rave On Snow (Austria) - SEEME (Bulgaria) - SXSW (Austin) - Piknic Electronik (Montreal - Angers) - Closing Party of the Premiers Plan film festival (Angers) - Boogie Night (Rennes) - UBU (Rennes) - L’ Espace (Rennes) - Le 1988 (Rennes) - L’Escalier (Saint Malo) - Le Vauban (Brest) - Les îlots Electroniques (Tours) - Le Bazar (Angers) Le Bar Du Quai ( Angers) - Domingo (Angers) - Modern Factory (Angers) - Modern Club (Angers) - Les 4 éléments (Paris) - La scène (Paris) - Art Rock off (Saint Brieuc) - Sonar off (Barcelona) - Bud Café (Longeville/Mer) - The Garden (Munich) - Hunderquadrat (Munich) - Club 4 (Munich) - Jungle Jane (Angers) - Olympique (Nantes) - Respublica (Bordeaux) - Le Cri De La Mouette (Toulouse) - the (Munich) - Batofar ( Paris) - La Bachanale (Montreal) - La Chaumière (Saint Lunaire) - La Palm (Dinard) - La Fonda (Dinard) - Goutez Electronique (Nantes) - De La House (Nantes) - Altercafé (Nantes) - La Grange (La Baule)

    Had the privilege of being on stage with: Carl Craig, Rone, Paul Kalkbrenner, Rodriguez JR, Laurent Garnier, Agoria, Nathan Fake, Molly, Ben Klock, Mathew Jonson, Electric Rescue, Spirit Catcher, Margaret Digas, Lowris, Bezhad & Amarou, Zenzile, Hocus Pocus, Van Did, Joris Delacroix, Danton Eeprom, Tomas Andersson, Pepperpot, Jérôme Pacman, Akufen, Ark, TEPR, Don Rimini, Madben, Marst, Nôze, Martinez, Maxime Dangles, Traumer, Pascal Feos, Thomas Schumacher, Dan Ghenacia, David Duriez, Thiefshwarz, Matzak, Antigone, Plaisir De France, Morpheus, Charles Webster, Varoslav, Chaim, Egbert, Eggo, A tribe called Red, Thylacine…