Genre / Act
  • Labels : Kling Klong, Kourai Khryseai, Nervous Records
  • Website : http://www'christianhornbostel'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/christianhornbostel
  • Mixcloud : https://www'mixcloud'com/discover/christian-hornbostel/
  • Booking : office@eam.agency
    • Undae
      Christian Hornbostel, Patrik Skoog
      HDDNST026 | Hidden Suite | 2019-10-21
    • Sirin
      J&S Project, Christian Hornbostel, Valentin Pascual, Dhyan Droik
      BUR185 | Boiler Underground Records | 2019-10-21
    • Club Weapons, Vol. 9
      Matias Aguayo, Torha, Landmark, Diego Herrera, Fran Navaez, Fernando Sanz, Audio Factor, D!e Zwe!, Bis, A.L.C.A., MFS (Germany), Mindgamers, Miss Mana, Carranco, Flank, E.L., Minders, Christian Hornbostel, Kraust Sonido, Dave Spritz
      Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Techno, Progressive House
      VCS173 | Van Czar Series | 2019-10-14
    • Techno Journey, Vol. 15
      Extrawelt, Spartaque, Tom Wax, Rummy Sharma, Antipolar, Mila Journée, Toni Rios, Christian Hornbostel, Paul Feris, Razmik Makhsudyan, Eddy D'Amato, Orquesm, Parlando, Giorgio Vergani, Swynce, Stefan Brandenburg, Stereophonie, Sebastian Bayne, Tim Jackman, Distant Sun, Stanislav Sqai, Barbanera, Lucks (BR), Tino Priolo, fran&co, Hozho, Illuma
      COLORE193 | Colore | 2019-10-11
    • Black Diamonds Volume 19
      Pete Tong, John Monkman, Gui Boratto, Luciana Villanova, Marc Romboy, Gorge, Drunken Kong, Sante, Karada, Pedro Mercado, Zoe Xenia, Tom Demac, DJ Balduin, Antipolar, Joyhauser, Eclept, Despoin, I Am Bam, Christian Hornbostel, Blackrachas, Anii, Carlo Lio, Rodriguez Jr.
      Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Techno
      NATBLACK211 | Natura Viva Black | 2019-10-11
    • Navis Aeria
      Christian Hornbostel
      Hardcore / Hard Techno
      GTM00101 | Global Techno Movement Records | 2019-10-11
    • Raw Techno, Vol. 9
      Francisco Allendes, Nukov & Yelmet, Rabo, Traumata, Vision Of Tomorrow, Solee, Adapter, Artslaves, Nerdjack, Toni Rios, Vinicius Amaro, Jade Foster, Teenage Mutants, Moonwalk, Spartaque, Stefan Brandenburg, Stereophonie, Ben Champell, Christian Hornbostel, Tom Wax, Drumcomplex, Chris Hartwig, Phunk Investigation, Jean Aita, Aldo Cadiz, Andre Butano, Matt Tanner, Ramon Tapia, Veruah, Arts & Leni, Khainz, Just Be
      Tech House, Techno, Melodic House & Techno
      PTTRCOMP326 | Play My Track Recordings | 2019-10-04
    • Nobody Listens to Techno 9
      Drumcomplex, Spartaque, Mohn (NL), Tagtraumer, Jeremy Stott, Orquesm, David Prap, Willy Real, Daniel Muscas, Chris Maico, Christian Hornbostel, Peppou, Martin Stoilkov, Frederic Stunkel, Benfay, Toni Rios, Rabo, Traumata, Siber, Dark Geometrique, D.Mongelos, YWF, Sebastian Bayne, Kraust Sonido, H.N.P, Oliver Bach, Makson, Smalltown Collective, Tocadisco, Soundfile, Mauro Norti
      COLORE191 | Colore | 2019-09-27
    • Crosstrain Trax, Vol. 07
      Ozgon, Drum Planet, Tony Angelino, Martyno, Siasia, Cousin Vic, OxM, Tibiza, Tybur, Richard Cleber, Daniel Defekt, LLY, Dpech Music, Joe Bell (Ger), Kindbud, PRYDIE, Peppelino, DJ ZAfrica, Gary Wilde, Raul Young, Stevie Best, Newks, Marcio aka DJ Bat, Lext, Sleeps Everywhere, Lucks, Meness, North of The South, Orlando Voorn, Vale of Tears, Alexander Technique, Fractious, Keita Sato, Cvrdwell, Christian Hornbostel, Aaron Udy, Karol Melinger
      HOTQCT007 | LW Recordings | 2019-09-27
      Richie Hawtin, Rosper, DJ Emerson, Eme Kulhnek, Kaiserdisco, Cortechs, Mental Resonance, Edit Select, Rocky Miller, Cam Deas, S.Sic, Charlotte de Witte, Kuvoka, Ricardo Garduno, Dario Sorano, Balthazar & JackRock, ANNA, Jen Series, Christian Hornbostel, Lewis Fautzi, AlBird
      PLUS8137 | Plus 8 Records | 2019-09-20
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    The English music press has dubbed Christian Hornbostel as one of "Sasha & Digweed's favourite producers" (DJ Magazine) and "the German Doge" (Muzik Magazine).

    He wrote and produced several dozen tracks, releasing among others Virtualmismo 'Mismoplastico' and VFR 'Tranceillusion' that were hammered by Sasha & John Digweed during their sets and included by the pair on their groundbreaking Renaissance compilation. Backed by his overflowing experience as radio and club dj, which has been further coined by his legendary gigs at Ibiza's Pacha and El Divino, at London's Gallery and Crash and a 3 years residency at Izola's Ambasada Gavioli, Christian gets usually heavy support from people like Pete Tong, Rob Pearson (Evasive Records), Adam Collins (Subtrak), Scott Johnston (Bulletdodge Records), Artie Flexs (Lost My Dog), Oliver Schories (Poesie Musik/Get Physical, Parquet, Der Turnbeutel), Someone Else (Affin, Level Non Zero, Kaato Music), Stanny Franssen (De:Tuned, Diametral), Werner Niedermeier (Audiomatique, Compost, Rue De Plaisance, Supplement Facts) and my others…

    The south-German producer, born in Venetia, remixed some of house music's finest names, including Satoshi Tomiie, Barbara Tucker, Joi Cardwell and Deep Forest and produced own projects such as 'Into your mind' and 'Back 2 the music' on UK Southeast before signing 'All God’s children' with US Soulfuric, and together with Alfred Azzetto '84 King Street' (the Miami WMC 2009 smashing hit) with Purple Music.

    Christian, also producer of the internationally acclaimed Housepacific radio show, which is aired worldwide in almost 40 countries must be considered one of the big players of his genre.