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  • Labels : Kling Klong, Kourai Khryseai, Nervous Records
  • Website : http://www'christianhornbostel'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/christianhornbostel
  • Mixcloud : https://www'mixcloud'com/discover/christian-hornbostel/
  • Booking : office@eam.agency
    • Module, Vol. 10
      Mathias Kaden, Rocko Schamoni, Martin Eyerer, Ackermann, Christian Hornbostel, Lutzenkirchen, Drunken Kong, Atroxx, Jens Lewandowski, David Temessi, Deborah De Luca, Matt Mus, Carlos Beltran, Ilija Djokovic, FAC3OFF, Miguel Alcobia, Luca Gaeta, Metronomes, Fappe & Bru, Raum+Zeit, Juanjo Tur, Techno Clowns, Alex Young, Grasso & Maxim, Deetech, Luthier, Tenth Column, Daniele Ravaioli, Juicy Lotta, Disscut, Michael Mayer, Skober, Gero Jansen, Drumcomplex, Ill-Boy Phil, Sebastian Fleischer, [ Wex 10 ], Kaiser Souzai, Wes Wieland
      GSPCOMP395 | Gastspiel Records | 2018-01-12
    • Viva 2017.4
      Wally Lopez, Stefan Obermaier, Christina Cruise, Schacel, Dennis Cruz, Anna Reusch, Rashid Ajami, Luca Guerrieri, Roland Clark, Kaiser Souzai, Kintar, Who Else, Lazyman, Luca Gaeta, Touchtalk, Jadele, Gellert, Lessovsky, Andre Salmon, Alex Young, Grasso & Maxim, Deetech, Kedra, Luigi Gori, Anis Hachemi, Oscar Poulsen, Chaty, RNGDS, Jorge Montia, Coqui Selection, Krissky, Heinrich & Heine, Tyng, KMRN, Brid & Snyder, Nathan Mots, APM, Rafael Cerato, Marco Lys, Alberto Ruiz, D-Formation, Barbuto, Kaiser Souzai, Christian Hornbostel, KIKDRM
      Progressive House, Tech House, Techno, Deep House
      NAT520 | Natura Viva | 2018-01-12
    • Minimal Reduced
      Christian Hornbostel, BHZ, Tomek Dj, Einklang Musik, trecut, Karmina Milojevic, Brutkho, Deepower, Giacomo Silvestri, Chronophone, Franksen, Mi Ni, Victor Brunio, Marcus Troeger, DARKoO, Steve S. & Maxlay V. Lopez, Andreas Bergmann, Hutenberger, Kleo Tremsch, Mokeon, DIRTYCLEAN, Rolando Hodar, Eugenio, Motiv, Dubphone, Steve Menta, Arma & Stiloso, Toni Noack, Background, Michael Kruse, Lucas Mayer, Jan van Lier, Damolh33
      Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House, Electronica / Downtempo, Techno
      LEBCOM089 | Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings | 2018-01-08
    • Viva 2017.3
      Wally Lopez, Stefan Obermaier, Alex Kaspersky, Paolo Mojo, Lis Sarroca, Ismael Rivas, UGH Arma, Ilona Maras, Nikodia, Nuria Ghia, SUDO, Right On, Solarc, The Southern, Daniel Lera, Leo Lippolis, Dino Maggiorana, Dani Llamas, Chris Main, Christian Hornbostel, Marc Molina, Cele, Bulaklak, Broken Spires, Dangeli, No Else, Hanosl, De La Maso, Marco Zorano, Mita Mita, Fernando Olaya, MSMS, Mancodex, Lindwood, Lilly Palmer, Andrew Savich, Glenn Morrison, Nico Cabeza, Franz Costa
      Tech House, Progressive House, Techno, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      NAT519 | Natura Viva | 2018-01-08
    • Tech-House Tapes, Vol. 9
      Monday Club, Davidino, Christiano, Treisor Luke, Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Cesar Merveille, Angelo Raguso, FAW9, Ramit, Stephan Bazbaz, Asael Weiss, Damon Jee, Christian Hornbostel, Axpin, Enrico Peretti, Foog, Antar, Lydia Eisenblatter, Majesty, Feld & Rieger, Robert Tamascelli, Javi Green, Xavier Arak, Fran Cisco, Kenders, Soda Inc., Steve Veronese, Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Misteralf, Christian Burkhardt, Artur Nikolaev, Jamy Wing
      Tech House, Techno
      SEAOFSAND116 | Sea Of Sand | 2017-12-29
    • Technoid Concept Issue 13
      Stefano Noferini, Danniel Selfmade, Flashmob, James Mac, Alexander Aurel, Austik, Danny Serrano, Bardia F, Christian Hornbostel, Search DiP, Skober, Mladen Tomic, Toni Rios, Radioplay, Citizen Kain, Skober, Christian Hornbostel
      Tech House, Techno
      VMCOMP174 | Variety Music | 2017-12-25
    • Materia Prima
      Christian Hornbostel, Petar Dundov
      KLING124 | Kling Klong | 2017-12-22
    • Flashback: Best Of 2017
      Marciano (italy), Tony Dee, Matt Sassari, Joe Mesmar, Devid Dega, Julian Ess, Bizzy Meister, Fabio Neural, D-Formation, Christian Hornbostel
      FB001 | La Famiglia Recordings | 2017-12-22
    • Organic Creations Issue 11
      Rafael Moraes, Sanja, Ilona Maras, Marc Maya, Darius Syrossian, Anna Reusch, DJ T., Elchinsoul, Christian Hornbostel, Marc Faenger, Francesco Dinoia, James Cole, Right On, Mucho Stylez, QLONS, Reno Wurzbacher, Robert Babic
      Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      VOLTCOMP645 | Voltaire Music | 2017-12-22
    • Voltaire Music pres. V
      Pegoland, Miguel Bastida, Shosho, Metodi Hristov, Christian Hornbostel, Waifs & Strays, Metodi Hristov
      Tech House, Techno
      VOLTCOMP653 | Voltaire Music | 2017-12-18
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    The English music press has dubbed Christian Hornbostel as one of "Sasha & Digweed's favourite producers" (DJ Magazine) and "the German Doge" (Muzik Magazine).

    He wrote and produced several dozen tracks, releasing among others Virtualmismo 'Mismoplastico' and VFR 'Tranceillusion' that were hammered by Sasha & John Digweed during their sets and included by the pair on their groundbreaking Renaissance compilation. Backed by his overflowing experience as radio and club dj, which has been further coined by his legendary gigs at Ibiza's Pacha and El Divino, at London's Gallery and Crash and a 3 years residency at Izola's Ambasada Gavioli, Christian gets usually heavy support from people like Pete Tong, Rob Pearson (Evasive Records), Adam Collins (Subtrak), Scott Johnston (Bulletdodge Records), Artie Flexs (Lost My Dog), Oliver Schories (Poesie Musik/Get Physical, Parquet, Der Turnbeutel), Someone Else (Affin, Level Non Zero, Kaato Music), Stanny Franssen (De:Tuned, Diametral), Werner Niedermeier (Audiomatique, Compost, Rue De Plaisance, Supplement Facts) and my others…

    The south-German producer, born in Venetia, remixed some of house music's finest names, including Satoshi Tomiie, Barbara Tucker, Joi Cardwell and Deep Forest and produced own projects such as 'Into your mind' and 'Back 2 the music' on UK Southeast before signing 'All God’s children' with US Soulfuric, and together with Alfred Azzetto '84 King Street' (the Miami WMC 2009 smashing hit) with Purple Music.

    Christian, also producer of the internationally acclaimed Housepacific radio show, which is aired worldwide in almost 40 countries must be considered one of the big players of his genre.