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  • Labels : Planet Rhythm, Tic Tac Toe
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/forest-people
  • Booking : office@eam.agency
    • Riders On The Storm EP
      Irregular Synth, Sven Wittekind, Forest People
      Techno, Hardcore / Hard Techno
      DM040 | Dirty Minds | 2018-07-02
    • Reaktor
      Cøncenträte, Patrik Skoog, Forest People
      TRANS157 | Translucent | 2018-06-25
    • 030 Berlin Calling, Vol. 6
      Michael Forzza, Mathias Kaden, Robin Hirte, Raphael Dincsoy, Daniel Boon, David Durango, Nick Daring, Quincy, MSDMNR, Steve Rachmad, Tons Of Tones, Plural, Andreas Florin, Christian Bonori, Steve Lorenz, Ilija Djokovic, Cristian Glitch, Hernandez, Sa.Du, Foog, Kris Wadsworth, Distale, Mind Machines, Karlos Molina, Atmodermics, Clark Davis, COMA, Mario V, Uner, Nice Therapy, Hideyoshi, Ixel, Forest People, John Vertel
      Techno, Deep House, Tech House
      CITYNOISES185 | City Noises | 2018-06-11
    • Let's Acid, Vol. 1
      Alogique, Paul Bones (CH), Southsoniks, Vincenzo Pizzi, Lukas (CH), DEE TREE-9, Forest People, G.Brothers, Artiglio, Harlan D, Reed Blue, UFO Over, rillumihinator
      Melodic House & Techno, Techno, Progressive House, Electronica / Downtempo
      341C18002 | 3-4-1 Cuts | 2018-06-01
    • 10 Years - 100 Releases
      DJ Gruja, Andreja Z, Forest People, Stanny Abram, Reqterdrumer, DJ Jock, Fedja Knajdl, Stole Popovic, DJ Koja, Liberty Klaud, W.A.R.Z., Noone Costelo, Traveltech, Tantze Knut, Dasero, Biterr, Mammoth, Lex Loofah, Sevatec, William Masson, RSTYKAT, MOKS, Jody Taylor
      Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House, Techno, House
      DEB100 | Debuger | 2018-05-31
    • V: 5 Years of Aerotek
      Byron Gilliam, Ben Browne, Men-Ji, Dj Fullsize, Dink, Dantiez, Jade Reed, Dkult, Axkan, Brad Lee, UL, Eddie Krystal, TKNO, D.R.N.D.Y, Diction, Ken Young, Tunnel, Atie Horvat, Van Czar, Arlles Stic, Rick Deacon, KWR, NxNW, Thomas Latham, Corvino, Rolando Hodar, Anthony Jimenez, Andy Notalez, Forest People, Israel Toledo, Byron Gilliam, Mick Finesse, NxNW
      Techno, Electronica / Downtempo, Tech House, Hardcore / Hard Techno, Minimal / Deep Tech
      AERO065 | Aerotek Recordings | 2018-05-28
    • Melna
      Forest People
      848422053453 | Mindwarp Records | 2018-05-01
    • Melna
      Forest People, One Of Them, Hunter Slay, Memory Machine
      Techno, Tech House
      848422088554 | Mindwarp Records | 2018-05-01
    • Skulls Will Never Cry 2
      Pattern Repeat, Tom Hades, Mikkel Metal, Miguel Bastida, Brendon Moeller, Christian Hornbostel, Chris Manura, Paul Ursin, Die Vogelperspektive, Beatamines, Mattia Pompeo, Lucca, Raul Mezcolanza, Luke Hess, Linear Straight, Phaedon, Freemann (IT), Van Czar, Hermann Hellwig, Toni Alvarez, Marc Alvarez, STRiCKLAND, Fabrik Way, Tom Wax, Arne Goettsch, Dominik Schwarz, Dark Geometrique, Ben Klock, Hanubis, Daniel Boon, Forest People, Cosma Castiglia, Moe Ferris
      SAB045 | Skull And Bones | 2018-04-30
    • Kollektor 5
      Felix Krocher, Skober, Forest People, Christian Bonori, Daniel Boon, ANNA, Metodi Hristov, Refraction (IT), Carlos Beltran, Mario Giordano, Martin Merkel, Danilo De Santo, Carl Neuberg, Bimas, Lazyman, Denny Engler, Marcel Dope, Kenny B., Ataman Live, Hory Doly, Sebastian Darez, Lucks, Greck B, Radio Complex, Alberto Ruiz, Marc Alvarez
      DOPPELGAENGERCOMP551 | Doppelgaenger | 2018-04-27
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    Forest People is the alter ego of young deejay and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dragan Lakic. He is one of the main figures in his country when it comes to techno. In last couple of years he released music for some respected labels like Planet Rhythm, Flash Recordings, Driving Forces, Tic Tac Toe, Credo and many more. "Producing music is my passion and playing my tunes to the people is most beautiful expression." says Dragan. He played almost every bigger country in Europe like Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal etc. He is getting more and more support for his work from some respected names like Speedy J, Green Velvet, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Alex Bau etc. Forest People presents his own vision of techno, deep, dark and dirty, just the way it should be. He presented his personal productions sets in many clubs, some of them are: Tresor (Berlin), Kantine Am Berghain (Berlin), Mamma Club (Lisbon), Respublica (Bordeaux), Panama (Amsterdam), Le Pigallion (Paris), And Club (Johannesburg) and many more.