Genre / Act
  • Labels : Stereophonic, Ocean Trax, King Street
  • Website : http://www'paolobarbato'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/stereophonic
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • Finest NY House 2017 (Part 2)
      Tom Ellis, Alex Ranerro, Coeus, Baln, Arlekina, Marst, James Benedict, Michel De Hey, Absolut Groovers, DJ Simi, Vozmediano, Angelo Ferreri, LongPlay, KPD, The Deepshakerz, DJ Vivona, Sllash & Doppe, Dr. Alfred, Nuendo, Noone Costelo, Mike Scot, WillowMan, CLiVe, Toile, Jeff Eveline, Stephen K Cal, Lefer, Lenny Maze, Lil'M, Victoria Richard, jOk, Delahay, Man Without A Clue, Bonetti, Alek Soltirov, Gianluca Nasci, Ritmo Du Vela, Andy Roda, HDSN, Big Al, Christos Fourkis, Sha'Aban Yahya, H@k, Trans Of Life, Chris Brann, Ananda Project, B-Liv, Stephanie Cooke, Fuminori Kagajo, Wipe The Needle, Tshaka Campbell, REF, Chriss DeVynal, Monday Michiru, Terron Darby, Palamino, Carolyn Harding, Guri Guri Boys, Dennis Ferrer, Dawn Tallman, Soulstar Syndicate, Various Artists, NoonStar, Studioheist, Brigado Crew, Roland Nights, Joeski, Jazzman Wax, Iban Montoro, Paolo Barbato, Cee ElAssaad, Doug Gomez, Morten Trust, Aiko Morita, Aldo Bergamasco, Antonello Ferrari, Phaze Dee, Mark Di Meo, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins, Demarkus Lewis
      Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno
      KSD365 | King Street Sounds | 2017-12-25
    • Re:Valued House, Vol. 9
      Rebecca, Unit 5, Fatfly, Angelo Scalici, Ben R Saunders, Nicola Thoms, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, Paco Caniza, Souxsoul, Jon Hatter, Liam Broad, Mr Gonzo, Gioele Mazza, Vibeloop, John Dalton, Picoaga, Repetto, Ruby Picoaga, Mark Vox, WTDJ, Robbie Mirello, Triple Dee, Cozzetto, Akira Dee, David Grant, Twism, Valeron, 7even (GR), Golden at Nite, Sirkus Sirkuz, Stephen Nicholls, Graeme Vass, Husky, Mark Funk, Jay Kay
      House, Tech House
      RVMCOMP665B | Re:vibe Music | 2017-12-25
    • Movin', Doin' It
      Paolo Barbato
      CMS128 | Cruise Music | 2017-12-01
    • Funky People EP
      Stanny Abram, Paolo Barbato, Stanny Abram
      Tech House
      MRB137 | Marba Records | 2017-11-17
    • House Tales, Vol. 16
      Inaya Day, Hybrid Heights, Sted-E, Rebecca, Unit 5, Fatfly, Groovefore, Emmanuel D' Sotto, Angelo Scalici, Famba, Jako Diaz, Kinspin, Carl Creme, Hot Shakes!, Djey Piko, Miss Alexx, Da'Silva Gunn, WHATAMI, Fabio Tosti, Grand Beat, Claire Willis, Maliblue, ZviDy, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, Sirkus Sirkuz, Deckard, Stephen Nicholls, Double Depth, Luis Pitti, Ghostea, Speedboats, Big Explosions, Jay Kay
      House, Tech House
      RVMCOMP641B | Re:vibe Music | 2017-11-13
    • Groove Aspect
      Silvano Del Gado, Paolo Barbato
      Deep House
      STPH095 | Stereophonic | 2017-11-10
    • BlackOut: Retro Clubbing, Vol. 1
      Jay C, ATFC, Inaya Day, Pray For More, Barbara Douglas, Jerry Ropero, Eddy Cabrera, Terri B!, Carl Hanaghan, Soul Avengerz, Disko Danzin', Charvoni, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Tavo, Sami Dee, Maff Boothroyd, Mr. Maph, Paolo Barbato, Jose Sousa, Amnesia, Franco Moiraghi, Jay Santi, Gafyn Owen, Various Artists, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez, Jerry Ropero, Muzikfabrik, Jerome Robins, Sami Dee, Davide Svezza, Mattia Mavi, Roland Bartha
      House, Funky / Groove / Jackin' House, Deep House
      MJUZIEEKBO1 | Mjuzieek Digital | 2017-11-06
    • Love Is...
      Sabrina Johnston, Wendy Lewis, Sibling Of Music, Irma Shop, Paolo Barbato, Bobby Liker, Falaska Contest, Niko Deejay, Janet Gray, Roby Montano, Melody, Sandro Peres, Luca Peruzzi, Eduardo Garcya, DJ Giuseppe Berte, Fabio Rockenbeck, Amoroso, Giuseppe Battaglia, Sandra La Ville, Drumheads, Eldorado, Fede Kora, Fabio Lenzi, Daniele Soriani, Fedo Ti, Leonardo Carioti, Vincent, MVS, Vanessa Jay, Crystal Juice
      House, Deep House
      7640168993535 | House Express | 2017-10-20
    • Nothing But... House Music Essentials, Vol. 03
      Roland Clark, Trevor Gordon, Cup & String, BelAir, Paolo Barbato, Tommie Cotton, Furtherance, Flex, Jorge Aquiro, Rick Marshall, MXWLL, Little Nancy, Quentin Kane, Casey, Max Olsen, Max Hydra, Fabio Rodry, Luke Sissons, Jazzyvibe, Scarlett Quinn, Andreas Sam, Kay Barton, Jared KF Jones, Paul McCabe, Thomas Grand, Lush Djs, Vanilla Ace, Indy Lopez, Saftik, Dubsco, CEV's, Stefano Mango, Jay Kay, Trademarc, The-Wolf, Julyan Dubson, Harvey Nash, Saison
      NBHME003 | Nothing But | 2017-09-29
    • Spread Your Wings
      Keith Thompson, Paolo Barbato, Alain Vinet, C-Rouge, Roy Malakian
      Tech House, Dance, House, Big Room
      CME015 | Club Music Elements | 2017-09-18
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    More than 30 years behind the decks and a whole life dedicated to the world of music. Paolo Barbato is internationally recognised as one of the leaders of Italy’s electronic and house music scene. For 12 years he has owned the most important record shop in the whole North-East of Italy, which served djs from that area, as well as from all Ex-Yugoslavia and Austria, he totally dedicated himself to music production from 2002. He can be called a pioneer of house music because he surely has followed it in its whole evolution, from the origins to nowadays, an experience that gives him an irreplaceable esteem in the scene, both as dj and as producer. He preserves that fresh and insatiable curiosity that pushes him to a constant search of what the musical panorama hides sometime in the underground channels, waves that he hurls on the dancefloor of clubs disseminated all around Europe, from London to Ibiza, from Italy to the Eastern Europe, as his legendary residency at the Ambasada Gavioli, one of the reference club for underground music in Europe. At the beginning of 2008 he started a collaboration with various international musicians and singers, producing high quality sounds and characteristic videos that will probably place him on top of global dance scene. Hosted by radios as Proton (U.S.A.), Ministry of Sound (U.K.) with his video he has been for weeks on the 4th place of MTV's Dance Floor Chart. He released several productions for some of the coolest labels in the house scene and has supported many of the most relevant djs in the international panorama. Among his mixed compilations, a special limited edition for the prestigious brand Illy Caffé, and last but not least, he does soundesigning for fashion brands and exhibitions.