Genre / Act
  • Labels : Stereophonic, Ocean Trax, King Street
  • Website : http://www'paolobarbato'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/stereophonic
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • Deep N' Tech 5
      Crank der Dirigent, Pedro Mercado, Na Te, Marc O'Tool, Satoshi Fumi, Neal Porter, Fabs#, Mata Jones, Zatonsky, Aves Volare, Gorsky, Paolo Barbato, Mauri Fly, Spin Worx, TimAdeep, Deeperist, Scott McGinlay, Sugarman, Tim Kiri, Hannes Bruniic, Stuby, Sarah Wild, Intervalo, The Rubioz, Varysoo, A SKITZO, Fred Michaels, BlaqPoints, ACID TOM, Tender H, Beatz Maneuva, Viana, Miguel Garji, Moodymanc, CLiVe, Maximillion, Crimsen, Konstantin Kindermann
      Deep House
      COLORE183 | Colore | 2019-07-29
    • Tech-House Tapes, Vol. 13
      Jet Project, Klod Rights, Paolo Barbato, Rafael Kasma, Luca Morris, Stefano Noferini, Habits, Waitz, Giorgio Moroder, Metrika, Siopis, Made You Look, Delgado, Christina Semmler, Stefan Jurrack, Snow Tf, Elek (Spain), Sid Delight, Miguel Revilla, Titan Road, Doepp, Mauro Diaz, Nader Razdar, Bobby Stewart, Filterwolf, Rina Kove, Klod Rights, Youandewan, Felix Da Housecat, And.Id, Microghost, Lex (Athens), Emeos, Br!tch, Pablo Placeres, Black Tie
      Tech House, House, Deep House
      CITYNOISES235 | City Noises | 2019-07-18
    • The Music
      Paolo Barbato
      GDL1906 | Go Deeva Light Records | 2019-07-12
    • House Party Lovers
      Lineki, Geoffroy Laventure, Ivan Fly Corapi, Markizzeti, Danny Dee, Lady Vale, Prou, Mauri Fly, Gianluca Nasci, Gabriel Del, Man Go Funk, Valèrie Neve, Red Led, 2Touch, Deni Astera, Dave Ocean, Alby, Paolo Barbato, deep hertz 303, Bazoom
      Tech House, Deep House, House, Progressive House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco, Minimal / Deep Tech
      GRM014 | Graba Music | 2019-07-10
    • The Present & The Future (The Hottest Club Tunes), Vol. 1
      Vincenzo Battaglia, Manuel Deep, Walter Fargi, Francesco Vega, Emmy, Dkr Project, Madra Lopez, Amorhouse, Kris Mafia, Anthony Fennel, Paolo Barbato, Barnuns, Den J Rose, Tina Ted, Lindara, Gilbert La Funk, Amoroso, Orange Beat Remix, Katrina, Johnny Maker, Cristian Marconi, Luca Belladonna, Jean-Luc Duvall, Falaska Contest, Progetto Genesy, Simon S, Romano, Sapienza, DJ Samuel Kimko, Raviv, Ensaime, Denis Lopez, Out Of The Box, Key Blacks, Robert Fulton, Cosmogroove, Paolo Barbato, Isaia, Luca Peruzzi, Andrea Ferrini, Orangebeat, Klod Rights, DJ Aleksij, Bianco Nigro, Skoopman, Cam' Rick
      Big Room
      GORILLAZX032 | Urban GorillazX | 2019-07-08
    • Deep House Architects, Vol. 10
      Claude-9 Morupisi, Mac Neumann, Toni Rios, NivesKa, Klod Rights, Paolo Barbato, Terje Saether, Robert Solheim, Satoshi Fumi, Sinsuke Fujieda, JAKKI Inaba, Lefrenk, Michel Manzano, Luke Hess, Hooved, Taron-Trekka, Hilton Caswell, Manni, Jay Nortown, Damon Carter, Monoscope, Daniel Law, Tamasi, Fabri, Jaydee, Paolo Blanda, The Sushi Club, Brodanse, E110101, Origami, Cubik, Page Musiq, Sascha Dive's, Klod Rights, Of Norway, Sven Brauer, Mikkel Metal, Inspector Macbet, Orlando Voorn, Q-Burn
      Deep House, Tech House, Techno, House, Electronica / Downtempo, Minimal / Deep Tech
      CITYNOISES233 | City Noises | 2019-07-04
    • Summer House Vibrations
      Los Barbudos, Kuazo, DJane Koki, Forest Louche, Gianluca Nasci, Ivan Fly Corapi, Mauri Fly, Paolo Barbato, Silvano Del Gado, Silver Ivanov, Lineki, 2Touch, Deni Astera, Red Led, Bazoom, Critical Upgrade, Lineki, Harbant
      Afro House, Trap / Future Bass, Tech House, House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House
      GRM013 | Graba Music | 2019-07-03
    • Push It (Paolo Barbato Remix)
      Paolo Barbato, Midland People
      IIT020REMIX | In It Together Records | 2019-06-28
    • Minimal Animals, Vol. 4
      Alex Patane', Ruben Cruz, Bendober, NJ Producer, Igor S, Ensaime, Sergey Fors, Filippo Guidetti, Ricky Lugli, Cristian Marconi, Alex Rampol, Paky Small, Soul & Naps, Alberto Puccini, Paolo Barbato, Tony Deledda, Giulio Lnt, The Doktor, Sonny, Benny Gioeny, Deepbeater, Robert Tamascelli, Master T, Julio, Mauro Monaci, Flavio Vecchi, Marco Bertoni, Vincenzo Varagone, Officina Silenziosa, Ricky Fobis, Lady Brian, Luka Alfieri, Cris Pazienza, Giuseppe Berte, Blunder, Crisman
      Tech House
      WOK126 | WOK Records | 2019-06-21
    • The Ultimate Selection Of House
      Italodisco, Lineki, Silver Ivanov, Luca Barbieri, Stanny Abram, Paolo Barbato, Sonia Merz, Gianluca Nasci, Christian Gereon, Simon Emme, Harbant, Dynamic Waves, Alexander Espinoza, Marin Zidak, Alby & Mario, Bazoom, Lineki & 2Touch, Deni Astera, Red Led
      House, Deep House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Techno
      GRB215 | Graba Records | 2019-06-14
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    More than 30 years behind the decks and a whole life dedicated to the world of music. Paolo Barbato is internationally recognised as one of the leaders of Italy’s electronic and house music scene. For 12 years he has owned the most important record shop in the whole North-East of Italy, which served djs from that area, as well as from all Ex-Yugoslavia and Austria, he totally dedicated himself to music production from 2002. He can be called a pioneer of house music because he surely has followed it in its whole evolution, from the origins to nowadays, an experience that gives him an irreplaceable esteem in the scene, both as dj and as producer. He preserves that fresh and insatiable curiosity that pushes him to a constant search of what the musical panorama hides sometime in the underground channels, waves that he hurls on the dancefloor of clubs disseminated all around Europe, from London to Ibiza, from Italy to the Eastern Europe, as his legendary residency at the Ambasada Gavioli, one of the reference club for underground music in Europe. At the beginning of 2008 he started a collaboration with various international musicians and singers, producing high quality sounds and characteristic videos that will probably place him on top of global dance scene. Hosted by radios as Proton (U.S.A.), Ministry of Sound (U.K.) with his video he has been for weeks on the 4th place of MTV's Dance Floor Chart. He released several productions for some of the coolest labels in the house scene and has supported many of the most relevant djs in the international panorama. Among his mixed compilations, a special limited edition for the prestigious brand Illy Caffé, and last but not least, he does soundesigning for fashion brands and exhibitions.