Genre / Act
  • Labels : Stereophonic, Ocean Trax, King Street
  • Website : http://www'paolobarbato'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/stereophonic
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • Stay With Me Tonight
      Lavonz, Emi CA, Paolo Barbato, Lineki
      Progressive House
      STPH210 | Stereophonic | 2020-12-11
    • Minimal Winter Session, Vol. 3
      L7, Cristian Marconi, NJ Producer, Master T, Sonny, Benny Gioeny, Soundphonic, Manuel Bozza, Filippo Guidetti, Ricky Lugli, Guglielmo Brunelli, Angelo Corso, Human Beatbox, Stefan Kruse, Joseph B., Germany & Ang3lino, Signal 5, Deepbeater, Ruben Cruz, Avantgarde House Team, Sam Ballack, Minimal Force, Paolo Barbato, Barnuns, DJ WestBeat, Andergrey, Killerlead, Daniele Ceccarini, Mintech, Black PearL, Alien Moon, Robert Tamascelli, Traumfabrik, Julio, Mauro Monaci, Critesi Mini, Peter T, Sam & Dan
      Minimal / Deep Tech
      GORILLAZX096 | Urban GorillazX | 2020-12-11
    • Balearic Sundown 003
      Rob Hayes, Juan Marias, Mateo Dufour, Julien Hi Energy, Jake Cusack, Joust Phillips, Bobby Shann, Will Varley, Pirro, Sergio Marthinez, PRINCESS PAPAYA, Copasetic, Max Marinacci, Fatimah Provillon, Hey Alan!, Pomme Rouge, Mvelo, Mistosoul, Semusa, Raumstadt, Sammy Morris, Hassio (COL), $ana, Juciff, Jackie Komutatsu, Mojito, Nick Power, Curtis Clark, Paolo Barbato, Sea Punk Collective, Danny Clark, Annette Taylor, Jay Benham, Roque, Nontu X, RazV, Nu Ground Foundation, Sean Harris (UK), Enzo Leep, Max Marinacci, Steff Corner, Tobi Neumann, Kolshi, Soulbridge, Deep Inc, MR KG Soul
      House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      HOTQBS003 | LW Recordings | 2020-11-23
    • Graba House, Vol.5
      Tested Crew, Angel Anx, Stoxx, Agent Funk Crew, Levis, Lineki, 2Touch, Paolo Barbato, Silver Ivanov, Cologne House Force, Sonia Merz, Italodisco, Luca Barbieri, Matt Keyl, Christian Hornbostel
      House, Tech House
      GRB281 | Graba Records | 2020-11-14
    • Outside Bounce
      Robiin, Phari, Paolo Barbato, Mr Marvin, Lavonz, Dave Manali, Welbo, Jose P, Angel Anx, Lineki, Mauri Fly, Long Story, Paramour, Pighi, Felman, Maury Urbani
      Tech House, House, Electronica, Minimal / Deep Tech, Afro House
      GRM067 | Graba Music | 2020-11-13
    • Don't Loose It
      2Touch, Harbant, Paolo Barbato, Lineki
      Electronica, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
      GRB282 | Graba Records | 2020-11-12
    • Brexit Vol. 38
      The Palmer Dj, The Theropod, THE TRIPPIN FEAR, The.MNML.Robots, Tholen, Thraze, Anleam, Imaginary Friends, Thumbs Up, Telussa, Tijssen, Jenny Cruz, Tiziano Ghezzo, Verji, Mad Dope, Your Cough, Eaze BK, Paolo Barbato
      Drum & Bass, Breaks, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Future House, Dubstep, Trap / Hip-Hop / R&B, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electronica, Electro House, Tech House, House
      BT038 | Sphere Records | 2020-11-11
    • Re:Valued House, Vol. 24
      Robert Raya, Nirag, Jo Paciello, Zeesa, AlexZ, Florent B, DA LO, Funky Charles, Viky, Mike Dem, Slicklife, DJ Tripswitch, Slippy Beats, Ashbourne, Paride De Biasio, OTrax, Alex Tamaro, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, Korioto, Facundo, Nykoluke, Max Esposito, Slippy Beats, The Red Brothers
      Funky / Groove / Jackin' House, House
      RVMCOMP2187B | Re:vibe Music | 2020-11-06
    • Full Beat
      Paolo Barbato, Dalmazzo, Robiin, Mauri Fly, Jose P, Daniele De Marchi, Dave Manali, Mike Teknii, Felman, 22 Weeks
      House, Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      GRM066 | Graba Music | 2020-11-06
    • Trax For The Track 002
      Aneesh Gera, Cusp, John Rayet, Morgin Madison, Veizo, Sergey Paradox, Brisboys, Richie Blacker, Mauri Fly, Ryan Wallace (UK), ØptimiZer, Adrian Zenith, Soder, Boskii, Sasha White, DTALM, MINDSKAP, Master & Guy, Aleksandr L&N, John Wolf, FX Control, Numall Fix, PILIPONE, Bergwall, Marcus Sjöstrand, Sasha Sound, Monday Off, ZANETI, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, ENESDEE, TREMENZ
      Progressive House
      HOTQTFTT002 | LW Recordings | 2020-10-30
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    More than 30 years behind the decks and a whole life dedicated to the world of music. Paolo Barbato is internationally recognised as one of the leaders of Italy’s electronic and house music scene. For 12 years he has owned the most important record shop in the whole North-East of Italy, which served djs from that area, as well as from all Ex-Yugoslavia and Austria, he totally dedicated himself to music production from 2002. He can be called a pioneer of house music because he surely has followed it in its whole evolution, from the origins to nowadays, an experience that gives him an irreplaceable esteem in the scene, both as dj and as producer. He preserves that fresh and insatiable curiosity that pushes him to a constant search of what the musical panorama hides sometime in the underground channels, waves that he hurls on the dancefloor of clubs disseminated all around Europe, from London to Ibiza, from Italy to the Eastern Europe, as his legendary residency at the Ambasada Gavioli, one of the reference club for underground music in Europe. At the beginning of 2008 he started a collaboration with various international musicians and singers, producing high quality sounds and characteristic videos that will probably place him on top of global dance scene. Hosted by radios as Proton (U.S.A.), Ministry of Sound (U.K.) with his video he has been for weeks on the 4th place of MTV's Dance Floor Chart. He released several productions for some of the coolest labels in the house scene and has supported many of the most relevant djs in the international panorama. Among his mixed compilations, a special limited edition for the prestigious brand Illy Caffé, and last but not least, he does soundesigning for fashion brands and exhibitions.