Genre / Act
  • Labels : Stereophonic, Ocean Trax, King Street
  • Website : http://www'paolobarbato'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/stereophonic
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • Everybody Dance Now, Vol. 3
      Pablo Fe, Paul Parsons, Djorda Luigia, Moi Rodriguez, Sugarstarr, Stage Rockers, Kris Mafia, Danny Roma, Luca Bisori, Fabolous DJ's, Roger Da Silva, Radi & Keith, Filth, Splendour, Pierpaolo Cricenti, Midnight Sun, Glitch Matrix, Loja Do Cacao, Ensaime, Antonio Venuti & Mr Goaty, Ricky Salerno, Paolo Barbato, DJ Sorm vs. Ash, Ang3lino, Alex Barattini, Silvano Del Gado, Christian Baez, Peverell, Magny, Biso, derrSousa, Alessio Silvestro, Francesco Toni, Josh D
      Deep House, House, Tech House
      WMG111 | WMG | 2019-03-29
    • Miami 2019 Anthems House
      Chris Brogan, SJ Johnson, Maxdal, GG Rocco, Pat-Rich, Deev F, House Bros, Underdeep Inc., Nuyorica, Tom Forester, Soneec, Imola, Mirko & Meex, Andy Lakey, Lisa Fischer, Cindy Mizelle, Elements Of Life, Luxx Daze, Fractall, David Caetano, CEV's, Rocket Dubz, Isla Jay, David Anthony, Latreda Maxie, Edinho Chagas, Paolo Barbato, Frank Boozy, Roy Jazz Grant, Nourad, Inve, Matt Astle, Dj Mumi, Sarah Tonin, Duane Lea, Ivan Santoro, Alex Guittini, Telussa & Tijssen, Chaka & Marty, Luis Miranda, Jay Larsen, N.W.N., Louie Vega, One Dark Martian, Qubiko, Hi 2 hat, Inve & Forsi
      LWMA201901 | LW Recordings | 2019-03-25
    • Body Touch
      Paolo Barbato
      Indie Dance / Nu Disco
      DEX039 | Disco Explosion Records | 2019-03-15
    • House Vibes, Vol. 06
      Koffee, AmFlow, Boogie Bitches, Joey Avila, JayAge, Bolinger, SilverFox, Tewax, Sence, Jay Kay, #DAH, Eyeangle Records Sound System, Dave Rose, D.F.K., J8Man, Outwork, Dr. Alex, LHH, K9, Steevie Milliner, Soldatov, Danny Allen, DJ Hal, Paolo Barbato, skemaddox, DJ Fopp, Paul Parsons, Ash Tee, K-Alexi Shelby, Danny Darko, Dark Society, The Jukebox Kid, Gregor, DJ Lybra, Studioheist, Manuel Costela
      LWHV06 | LW Recordings | 2019-03-01
    • Welcome To Spring Vol. 15
      The Palmer Dj, The.MNML.Robots, Tholen, Thumbs Up, Telussa, Tijssen, Jenny Cruz, Tiziano Ghezzo, Tofiq (IE), Togafunk, Double N, Toloko, Tom Da Silvv, Eaze BK, Paolo Barbato, Autosky, Dj Spillo, Everdom, Timmy Nunns, Tom's Mashedspuds
      Drum & Bass, Minimal / Deep Tech, Electronica / Downtempo, Tech House, House, Techno, Deep House
      SRR00015 | Sphere Records | 2019-01-28
    • House Top Nation (Only for Deejay)
      Luca Effe, Benjamin Shock, Gianluca Nasci, Mauri Fly, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, Whipd Beats, Sonia Merz, Stanny Abram, DJane Koki, Paolo Barbato, Luca Guerrieri, Gianni Bini, Silver Ivanov, Luca Bisori
      GRCOMP06 | Graba Records | 2019-01-25
    • The Jackin Side of Disco Explosion Records
      DJ Fopp, Alice Rise, Daniele Danieli, Paolo Barbato, Enrico BSJ Ferrari, Max Marotto, Simon Adams, State Of Funk, The Beach Groovers, The Jackin House Side Of Disco Explosion Records, DJ Fopp, Daniele Danieli
      Funky / Groove / Jackin' House
      DEX034 | Disco Explosion Records | 2019-01-23
    • 55 Jazz House Classics, Vol. 2
      The Man With The Horn, LTJ Xperience, Lo Greco Bros, Jazz 2 More, Maison Jaxx, Roller Coaster, Hanna, The Loop Experience, Klod Rights, Paolo Barbato, Granfunkk, The Soultrend Orchestra, Nona, DJ Moses, Jestofunk, Riviera Traxx, Süz, Montego Bay, The Truffle Tribe, Soulstance, Flow Bop, Papik, Lazaru5, DD Jump, DN3, Neja, Public Invasion Project, Honeymunch, Nu Braz, Riovolt, Paolo Faz, Sam Ruffillo, Jasev, Black Mighty Wax, Yuma, Be Noir, Pastaboys, Tokyo Cyclo, Rie, Paris Match, Funk Revenge, Legato, The Brother Foster, Gazzara, Luca Ferrari, From P60, Brioski, DJ Umbi, Submantra
      Breaks, House, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Dance, Big Room, Tech House
      IRM1784BIS | Pyramide | 2019-01-18
    • Rotate
      Paolo Barbato
      GRB186 | Graba Records | 2019-01-12
    • Tech House Top Vol.1 (#Onlyforpartylovers)
      Everyone But None, Man Go Funk, Liz Cirelli & Daniele Cucinotta, Tony Roberts, Cly, Ivan Fly Corapi, Friend Cheap, Paolo Barbato, Lineki, Silver Ivanov, Paolo Barbato, Dylan Fiorucci, Fabio Mazzei
      GRCOMP04 | Graba Records | 2019-01-10
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    More than 30 years behind the decks and a whole life dedicated to the world of music. Paolo Barbato is internationally recognised as one of the leaders of Italy’s electronic and house music scene. For 12 years he has owned the most important record shop in the whole North-East of Italy, which served djs from that area, as well as from all Ex-Yugoslavia and Austria, he totally dedicated himself to music production from 2002. He can be called a pioneer of house music because he surely has followed it in its whole evolution, from the origins to nowadays, an experience that gives him an irreplaceable esteem in the scene, both as dj and as producer. He preserves that fresh and insatiable curiosity that pushes him to a constant search of what the musical panorama hides sometime in the underground channels, waves that he hurls on the dancefloor of clubs disseminated all around Europe, from London to Ibiza, from Italy to the Eastern Europe, as his legendary residency at the Ambasada Gavioli, one of the reference club for underground music in Europe. At the beginning of 2008 he started a collaboration with various international musicians and singers, producing high quality sounds and characteristic videos that will probably place him on top of global dance scene. Hosted by radios as Proton (U.S.A.), Ministry of Sound (U.K.) with his video he has been for weeks on the 4th place of MTV's Dance Floor Chart. He released several productions for some of the coolest labels in the house scene and has supported many of the most relevant djs in the international panorama. Among his mixed compilations, a special limited edition for the prestigious brand Illy Caffé, and last but not least, he does soundesigning for fashion brands and exhibitions.