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  • Labels : Toolroom, Stereo Productions, Nervous, Great Stuff Recordings
  • Website : http://www'stannyabram'com
  • SoundCloud : https://soundcloud'com/stanny-abram
  • Mixcloud : https://www'mixcloud'com/stannyabram/
  • Booking : office@eam.agency

    • Best Off 2019
      Lonely, GruuvElement's, Horatio, DJ Dep, Vynal K, No Rabbitz, Sean Branton, Luca Lento, Lena Estetica, Los Cabra, Steffen Baumann, Stefan Hollaender, Arkady Antsyrev, Stanny Abram
      Tech House
      NR371 | Natural Rhythm | 2019-12-24
    • Yousel Christmas Compilation 2019
      Stanny Abram, Lelo Machado, B-Liv, DJ Sly (IT), Infex, Grapha, Angelo Ruis, The Sound Alchemyst, Hernan Tapia, Hallex, Tony J Guarino, Luciano Vieira, Blass (ITA), Easyjacks, Enzo Cee, Fran S., Luca Beni, Mark Raven, Massimo Solinas, DominicG, Vosbraz
      Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Melodic House & Techno
      YSL352 | Yousel Records | 2019-12-12
    • Armas Letales Vol.3
      Dennis Cruz, Robiin, Beethoven Tbs, Stanny Abram, Isac, Lake Jack, Rafa Campo, Stefano Valli Project, Olajoowantee, Luca Taruchi, Lurid Kids, Babylon Boys, Savannah, Fhaken, Ech, Warehouse Rats, Betatone Collective, Jaime Narvaez, Spacefunk Dub, Wayne Madiedo, Sergio Del Lago, Kenny Ground, Dj Lugo, Richie Markz, Leom
      Tech House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      RBX0033 | Ribox Records | 2019-12-06
    • Dirty Dance
      DJ Skip, FAT V, Gettoblaster, Zonum, Xavi V, Albert Retamero, The Groovers Boys, Stanny Abram
      House, Tech House
      SSR1901600 | S&S Records | 2019-12-06
    • House Music Will Never Die, Vol. 1
      HouseSitters, Funky Flo, Denis Agamirov, Troj, Nev Scott, Benji Of Sweden, Michael Murica, DJ Kat, Benji Of Sweden & DJ Kat, Novo, Kings (USA), Damon Grey, Yure Vega, Nick Tohme, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Martin Dhamen, Joaquin Escalante, Iesea Mendez, Mikks Tape, Priism, Daniel Dale, Ron Carroll, R.O.N.N., Ellen Weller, Nick Donnas, DJ Jurgen, DeLeau, Call Me Steve, Beedeep, KC Anderson, Thacher, Julien Lambies, Dirty Guru, Benny Camaro, Dirty Kidz, Jedd, Stanny Abram, Tsaho, Davide Svezza, Wlady, Paco Caniza, Leo Falconi, Dave Rose
      VIBE396 | Feel The Vibe | 2019-12-06
    • Modular, Vol. 23
      Jil Tanner, Leyva, Stanny Abram, ANTb, DC Dubz, Nautica, Scott J, Noble North, Maroy, B-Liv, Jords, Sails, DONAES, MKAY, Bioslave, Ornery
      Tech House, Deep House
      RACOMP298B | Re:vibe Audio | 2019-12-02
    • Re-Freshed Frequencies Vol. 28
      Clouded Judgement, Tough Art, Zukk, Roobinz, Marco Corcella, EIIRI, Electric Tango, Eddie Amador, B-Liv, RAMA7, Ender Royers, Delgado, Karl Roberts, Lo Cutz, Mad Funker, Leyva, Mario Restaino, Andrew Pololos, CLAN EQ, Reducs, Kikka Vara, Stanny Abram
      Tech House, House, Minimal / Deep Tech
      CSCOMP2108 | Club Session | 2019-11-30
    • Progressive Brainiac, Vol. 2
      Sakin Bozkurt, Iga Dep, Men-D, Lio Q, Airwave, Hisham Sabbah, Br!tch, MacroVision, Jacob Singer, Mendexx, K.Oshkin, Magnovis, Luigi Gori, Frankye Lova, Stephan Seddel, Wolfson, Allan Zax, Stanny Abram, BILBONI, George Ellinas, Nico Parisi, Chris Sterio, Downgrooves, Expected Mirage, Karim S, Crocy, Hady Tarek, Cryss, Cherry (UA), Cortex Thrill, Paul Hamilton, Michael A, Robert Oleysyck, Nico Parisi
      Progressive House
      BLV6649318 | GR8 AL Music | 2019-11-29
    • Urban House Squad, Vol. 2
      Jonathan Ulysses, DJ Lewi, B. Vivant, DJ Monxa, Rio Dela Duna, Stanny Abram, Deft Duo, Soulkids, Lucas Reyes, Mick Kastenholt, Mark Junior, Sound Of Venice, Fred Coster, David Hopperman, Nick Waters, Stephane Karl, First Life, Ivan Project, DJ Turtle, Shane Long, Amarou, Kid Shakers, Ruben Amaya, Denis Melody, John Konnor, DJ Baxxter, Bernardo Garcia, Miami Husslers, Thavy, Argento, Happy Paul, DJ Dove, A.C.N., Arone Clein, Gabi Newman, John De Mark, Simone Mora, Maurizio Sacchi, Rogerio Lopez, E-Play, Matt Black, Yanter, Juan K Paul, Rio Dela Duna, Dany Cohiba, DJ Fist, Paronator, Denetti, L.O.N.D.O.N., Agent Greg
      House, Big Room, Electro House
      URBAN152 | Urban Gorillaz | 2019-11-25
    • SERIES
      Carl V, Juan Saez, Juanfra Munnoz, Finzy, Alvaro Wade, Kevin Aviles, DJ WestBeat, J.A.V.E, Giuseppe Rizzuto, RanchaTek, Matthew Knight, Stanny Abram
      House, Funky / Groove / Jackin' House, Tech House, Techno
      DMM508 | Digital + Muzik | 2019-11-18
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    When word comes to electronic music, Stanny Abram is full od spectacular stories. Not only that we talk about musical genious, who has currently more than 1100 released tracks out there, including 6 studio albums on more that 100 international labels. He is also an owner of 6 successful electronic music labels, an active DJ, entertainer behind decks and for the last 2 years, a host of popular radio show on Club Vibes Radio. Lets take a brief look how he built up his name.

    Being unable to live without music, production and mostly gigs, Stanny Abram has been traveling his musical journey for the last 30 years now. In all this time, a lot has changed. Including artist name, under which Stanny Abram produced, and played music, clubs, where Stanny has had his residencies, labels under which Stanny published his works and generations of followers, who dance and listen to Stanny Abram`s music. One thing remains the same though, Stanny`s deepest passion for music.

    What started in the mid 80`s when listening to, at the time very popular, radio Luxemburg, soon escalated into first steps towards mixing music with just two tape recorders. Stanny`s talent and enthusiasm was soon recognised by, later on, his fellow DJ, Amando Sallinas. They started learning different techniques of mixing on record players. Italo Disco was genre, what Stanny was all about that time, but that was about to change.

    Acid House crossed Stanny`s life and literally turned his world upside-down. Combining Acid and House, pushed Stanny to all the hottest clubs in region, and he slowly began to build up his name. The 90`s came and with them D-Team, a project, under which Stanny Abram and Ozzy Lee Tiger started experimating with music production, mostly Dance music. A few dance hit songs were delivered as a result, including. Frendy, which took the high spot placing them on the fourth place in Dee Jay Time chart at that time.

    At the end of the decade, Stanny`s curiosity and restless spirit, redirected his career to underground, despite his success in the EDM field. First experiments with techno began and it was his mix, Sintetic Food, that got first attention and mentionable reviews in local techno scene.

    After more than 15 years wandering through different styles and genres of electronic music, Stanny Abram got the bigger picture he needed. Armed with years of knowledge and experience, he began to shape and create his own sound and found his home at house music with varieties to tech-house and deep house. One by one, releases and remixes began to leak from Stanny Abram. Step by step he mastered his skills as a producer, and on the way, he slowly built up his reputation.

    The last 5 years have been most productive so far for Stanny Abram. After receiving more and more recognition from abroad, Stanny locked himself in studio and began to restlessly deliver music. On his way, he managed to launched a number of his own labels, such as Marba Records, Abracadabra Recordings, Alkakazam Recordings, Hocus Pocus Records and Gramophonique Muzik. In the last five years, besides delivering his 6 studio albums and releasing his own music, he received an invitation to contribute a release or a remix on more than 100 international labels worldwide, what makes him one of the most productive producers of our time.

    However, one must ask himself, where does this guy get all the inspiration from? Well, we cannot answer that, but obviously, he is on the right track, since his music is flooding various charts, podcasts and dancefloors worldwide, and it is constantly played by electronic music giants, like Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Mark Knight, Stefano Nofferini, Thomas Schumacher, Sam Divine, Sonny Wharton, Umek, Chus and Ceballos, and Sergio Fernandez, to name a few.

    So what can we say more. Stanny Abram is a music machine, his musical knowledge is beyond imaginable, his passion for music is endless and all of this can be seen when you see Stanny Abram perform live. His energy will simply take you away to another level.